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Do you suffer from WIMS? (

WIMS is Web-Induced Medical Stress. We've all been there—up late at night, deep Googling what seems like a relatively harmless symptom, only to walk away from the screen, too terrified to sleep, let alone book an appointment with a doctor. offers proactive solutions that empower consumers with tips, checklists, and more from a trustworthy source. No ads. No hype.

This animation is featured in "The Dangers of Using Google to Self-Diagnose" at Women'sHealth.

illustration, animation, sound composition: Little Red Cozette
copywriting: Morgan Griffin

vocal expressions: Amina Patton

creative direction: Adam Moorman

project management: Kat Good-Schiff

account supervision: Megan Freedman
agency: Communicate Health

© 2015


This animation may not be reproduced in any capacity without express permission from and Communicate Health.

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