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Stop-motion TV spot for local dealership (spec)

I created this spot for a contest held by a local Volkswagen dealership. In less than three weeks' time, I developed the concept, storyboard, and script, created all of the materials, shot the photos, and edited the animation using Adobe Premiere. I also did the voiceover and music selection. Having wanted to try my hand at stop-motion for a long time, I figured this was the perfect project to give it a go. I learn well under pressure, a good thing considering the aggressive timeline I had laid out. Once all of the production work was done, I decided a trial version of Adobe Premiere would be the best option for editing. I note the trial version because this was also my first attempt using that particular digital video editing software...or just about any video editing software. All of that being said, I'm quite pleased with the results. The editing process allowed me to achieve the style I was after, and I developed new skills.

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