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Empower MO

I was invited to help rebrand (with a new name and visual identity) the Missouri Association for Social Welfare (MASW).


Unfortunately, the previous name limited the public’s perception of the organization’s mission which is to provide leadership, research, education, and advocacy improving public policies and programs impacting the health and welfare of all Missourians. 


Because the term “welfare” has such loaded connotations, I realized it would better serve their mission if the name focused on the result of the organization's work: empowerment. 


For the logo, I developed a patchwork treatment to symbolize the grass-roots, hand-on work the organization facilitates. The group is also non-partisan, so I chose a vibrant palette free from any potential party, racial, or regional bias. Finally, the hand is demonstrating the concept of “a hand-up, not a handout” because real empowerment gives Missourians access to longterm statewide prosperity.


"Our non-profit needed a facelift. After 115 years, our organization looked and felt dated. Cozette took the initiative to get to know our org and our history before giving us exactly what we needed. Our brand is youthful, our board is energized, and our earned media is soaring. Cozette is an anthropologist of design; she discovers the truth and designs for it." 


Persephone Dakopolos
Director of Communications & Development Empower Missouri

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